Interview: MC Crumbsnatcher

* Hi kiddies! Crafty here! Sorry for taking to long to post this! I’ve been getting over a cold (and also, I’m lazy) enjoy this little interview I did with adorable gay rapper MC Crumbsnatcher about the release of his new video! *

This Halloween season, we decided to sit down with MC Crumbsnatcher and have a chat with him about his brand new music video, “Suck Dick For Satan.” The video takes us to Hell and back with guest stars like Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Bennett Anthony, samples from the film, “The Doom Generation,” and a slew of drag queens playing Kim Davis, demons from Hell, and members of the Westboro Baptist Church. Let’s see what he has to say about all this –

AT – People have been saying that Suck Dick For Satan is “the most controversial video of the year.” How you feel about that?

MC – It’s interesting, because it doesn’t feel controversial to me at all, and the source of the controversy is not where I had expected it to be. I went into it the video going, “Oh, people are gonna be pissed off about the gayness of it or the vulgarity,” but it turns out that people were more nervous about the whole ‘Satan’ thing. I’m surprised that people are still weird about him, but I guess that’s why I felt like he needed to be included.

Let me be clear, I don’t believe the devil exists, but as a symbol, I think he’s something that a lot of us can relate to. In the Bible, he was one of God’s most beautiful angels, and all he really tried to do was better himself, and he was cast out of his home and hated for it. What queer person hasn’t felt like that?

AT – What was it like creating and casting the video?

MC – Girlll, casting a video is one of the most stressful things on the planet. You have to always cast at least double the people that you need, because queers are flakes and half of them won’t show up at the last minute. Haha. That being said, this video was a little more stressful, because I had to get queens of a certain caliber to play certain roles and do certain looks, and also be able to be kind to the other queens and create a pleasant environment to shoot in. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to have achieved that.

The thing that I was most nervous about was the part of Kim Davis. She has a very specific look, and I needed people to be able to recognize her right off the bat when they saw her. Rubella Spreads, who played her in the video was a scary choice, because if you look at her drag outside of the video, she looks like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper with legs and a wig, so to see her turn it out and step out of her comfort zone was amazing.

Other than that, if I were to make a list of queens in LA to watch out for, it would basically read as the cast of my video. They’re all incredible, hysterical, lovely people, and the looks they turned out were amazing.

AT – What was it like working with Alaska?

MC – Alaska is fucking lovely and SUPER professional, and the fact that she was willing to do this video, to me, exemplifies how down to earth and connected to the queer art community she actually is.

It was so weird to watch the fans reaction to her on All Stars 2, because it really drove home the fact that people can’t see who you actually are through the TV, or maybe they just don’t want to because then it wouldn’t be as dramatic for them.

I’ll say that the greatest part of working with Alaska, for me, was that she  is such a kind, genuine person that at one point, I started to get a little snappy with a friend of mine who was helping, and I just thought, “Shit. I can’t be a dick to this person in front of Alaska. Also, why am I even being a dick to this person at all? I’m just stressed out about the shoot. Calm down, and be nice to your friend, girl.”

It just felt really awesome to be in the presence of someone whose example of kindness kept me in check and made me into a kinder person. I wish that that was something I could access in my life more.

AT – We noticed that you employed the use of backwards messaging in your track. Are you trying to brainwash people? Is this part of the gay agenda?

MC – 100%. Haha. I’ve always been super fascinated by backwards messaging. It was a huge source of contention in the 70’s. Everyone was saying that bands like Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper were putting these messages in their songs to make people worship the devil, and I loved that concept. I wanted to be able to play something backwards and trick people’s subconscious into believing it. I thought it would be funny in this instance, because I’m sure that people hearing it assume that I’m saying something terrible and filthy, but actually, if you play the song backwards, the messaging is, “You are beautiful. You are loved. Your life is important. Your words are important. You are amazing. You are magic.”

AT – Other than your apparent love for Satan, what was the inspiration behind this track, and is there anything else you want to say before you go?

MC – Well the funny thing about this song is, it was actually all written based around the sample you hear in it of a man saying, “Homosexuality is demon possession.” That’s actually my uncle. In the 90’s he was an out gay man, and then he joined some sort of weird cult that “saved him from being gay.” He went on a christian talk radio show and gave a whole interview about how his gayness was him being possessed by the devil, and sent copies of it to all of his brothers and sisters (many of whom are also gay). I found a copy of it and knew that I had to use some of those samples.  Now, of course, he’s back to being gay again, but at the time, it was such a crazy thing to witness.

The thing that I’ve noticed a lot of people not getting about the song, is that it was important for me to use those samples and take it in the direction that I did. I wanted it to be funny, and lighthearted and off the wall and celebratory. I wanted to say, “You think i’m possessed by demons?! Okay! Yaaaathhh demons!!” Haha. I could have very well gone somewhere dark made a song that people could cry to, but what’s the point?  I don’t want to make people even more sad.

The thing is, people are gonna say what they want about us. You can’t expect the whole world to change right away, and trying to force it to only frustrates you. You can’t go up to a homophobe and say, “ STOP BEING HOMOPHOBIC,” and have their response be, “oh shit! I never thought of that!” People don’t work that way. You have to prove to them, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they can’t hurt you, because you are living good, you’re having fun, and it doesn’t matter. It’s such a great tool to have, because not only does it make it not hurt so much when people try to say horrible things about you, but eventually, they either see how much fun you’re having and want to come to the party too, or they give up and leave you alone.


Check out MC Crumbsnatcher’s new video for Suck Dick For Satan, starring Alaska Thunderfuck, at the link below, and be sure to get his album, The Second Crumbing, on iTunes! Happy Halloween!



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