Star Trek: Live! at Oasis *Review*

I might lose a ton of nerd points for saying this, but I honestly never really got into Star Trek (ducks to avoid being hit by comic books and 12 sided dice!). I had a thing for Diana Troy when I was little, but that’s about as far as I invested myself into the franchise. However as soon as I saw that Oasis was doing another live action remake of a pop culture television show AND that it was starring one of my favorite queens of all time, Miss Honey Mahogany, I knew I would have to check it out.

D’arcy Drollinger (in boy drag) came out at the beginning of the night to introduce everyone to the show and give the crowd a bit of insight into what went into putting this show together. She informed the crowd that the props, sets, costumes, wigs, music almost EVERYTHING was as close to how everything appeared in the episode, ‘Mudd’s Women’, as they could possibly get. They found blue prints online of the Captain’s chair and of the controls and built exact replicas. The wigs, done by Becky Motorlodge, were to a T the same as the crew on the television series. Even the score was the same music heard on the show back when it aired in 1966. I hadn’t seen the episode prior to last nights performance, but everything and everyone on stage looked great and you felt like you were right there in the TV.

The cast for this show, in stark contrast to a lot of the other shows I’ve seen at Oasis, is predominately made up of drag kings. The only exceptions being Honey as Uhura and Persia, Jef Valentine & Jordan L’Moore as Mudd’s women. The only king in the show I was familiar with was Leigh Crow, our Captain Kirk, a role Leigh is no stranger to. Leigh’s performance was perfect in it’s hilarity and the highlight of the show. The rest of the cast did an incredible job in their roles taking their characters accents and mannerisms over the top to keep the show fun and entertaining. My only complaint is that the cast was maybe TOO good, only flubbing lines and breaking characters once or twice, which when it happens can sometimes be some of the best moments in the show!

About halfway through the show Leigh steps out on stage and challenges a couple of people in the audience to a game of Star Trek Trivia. If you answer your question correctly and then provide your own trivia question that stumps the Captain you get a free drink from the bar! I would highly suggest this show even if you, like me, aren’t a total Trekkie. So come prepared with trivia! Come in costume! And come ready to have a good time!


Star Trek Live

SF Oasis @ 298 11th Street

Check out Oasis’ website HERE for more information and to purchase tickets!




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Posted on: October 2nd, 2015 by Joey Heal No Comments

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