The Witches of East Bay *REVIEW*

So it’s taken me a little bit longer then I had wanted to get this review out (sorry Peachy!), but Peaches was again kind enough to invite me to her show and do a little write up here for you all on So here it is! This last show was a parody of the classic 1987 comedy ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ which starred Jack Nicholson, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. Peaches Christ’s take on the film detailed the lives of 3 local queens in the beautifully boring city of Walnut Creek, California who wished for something more. Before they knew it their wish had come true and a handsome(ish) stranger came into their lives and changed them forever! The show co-starred Chad Michaels from Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 4 as Cher’s character (duh), the timeless Miss Coco Peru in the role of Susan, a devilishly handsome Thomas Dekker, who can currently be seen on Fox in the new series Backstrom, as Jack AND Peaches herself as the character portrayed in the film by Mrs. Pfeiffer.



The show started as most of them do with a fantastic musical number featuring all the ladies and a troupe of dancing queens. The show actually featured a slew of song and dance numbers throughout such as a Cher medley that consisted of ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and ‘Dark Lady’ by Chad. Coco sang live, a stunning rendition of ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ by the Eurythmics that brought the house down. A clever nod to the house in the movie that Dekker purchases, which was said to have belonged to Annie Lennox previously. Peggy L’eggs who was playing the role of ‘Felicia’ shined during her big solo number as well to the Runaways hit ‘Cherry Bomb’, which proceeded a little video cutaway of her being thrown into and locked up in a dressing room where she violently shit and vomits cherry pits on everything including an unfortunate member of the theatre staff.

The ladies and Thomas played off each other very well and there were, unfortunately, very few flubs, which personally are my favorite part of any live show. At one point Chad forgot her line and Coco asked if it was her line or Chad’s and remarked ‘I don’t know, I’m so fucking old!’ Which drew quite a laugh from the crowd. Later on in the show when it came to the scene where the ladies were ‘flying’ Coco clutched a prop chandelier and held it above her head as she screamed ‘This is what flying looks like! In a Peaches Christ production!’ as the other ladies all ran around and ‘floated’ about the stage. Mr Dekker gave a stellar Jack Nicholson throughout the entire evening. He had the voice and the mannerisms down to a T! Peaches writing is and has always been very clever when reworking such classic films as these. Changing the storylines to reflect the characters in her productions personalities, celebrity or sexual orientation puts a personal ‘San Francisco’ flair to the show each time, which has people coming back for more whenever she has one of these events. As always I had such a wonderful time and if you have never taken the chance to get out to Castro Theatre when Peaches is there you simply must in the future!

And speaking of future shows! Peaches announced at the end of ‘Witches’ that her next big gig will be a Drop Dead Gorgeous parody! Starring some Peaches Christ Productions veterans like Jinkx Monsoon, Ben Dela Creme and Pandora Boxx with local gal Suppositori Spelling and more! Tickets for that show is already on sale HERE! and takes place on Saturday, May 9th! Don’t miss it!



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