Questions With Coco Peru! *Interview* By Crafty Dough


The wonderful Ms Coco Peru will be making her Castro Theatre Stage debut later this month in one of Peaches Christ’s original stage shows alongside Ru Paul’s Drag Race alum Chad Michaels Saturday, March 21st! ‘The Witches of East Bay’ will star Peaches Christ, Chad Michaels and Coco Peru as the three witches who are seduced by Thomas Dekker in this classic 80’s spoof! (Tickets HERE!) I was lucky enough to catch Coco fresh off of her latest tour in Puerto Vallarta and ask her some questions about her long standing success and upcoming shows! Here’s our chat below, which can also be viewed in print in Gloss Magazine on stands tomorrow! Or online HERE!

Questions with Coco!

Crafty Dough: Hi Coco! Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you! We are big fans here at Gloss Magazine and So, I know you just got back from doing a sold out show in Puerto Vallarta! How was that?

Coco Peru: Wonderful! I love Puerto Vallarta! This was my second year there and I feel like I now have a family of locals and other artists in that beautiful town filled with great energy. It really holds a very special place in my heart. I was also taken to a strip bar this year where the strippers get completely naked and their cocks are practically in your face! If you give them enough money they ARE in your face!!! And then ON your face! Not that I did that!!! But it was fun watching.

CD: How often do you do shows outside of the US? Do you just do them in Puerto Vallarta or have you done them elsewhere as well? 

CP: I’ve performed in Portugal, various cities in Great Britain and Australia. I’ll basically go anywhere they’re willing to pay me. I’ve played a living room in Pittsburgh and a nudist colony in California.

CD: I’ve been to PV a few times myself and I know it’s pretty touristy there. Do you find it’s harder to do a show somewhere where some of the audiences first language might not be your own? Are there a lot of tourists at your shows or are there more locals?

CP: The people coming to see my shows there are mostly Americans and Canadians and some locals who are either ex-pats or Mexican people with a knowledge of English. The problem I encountered last year was that the club was pushing my show on straight people who were coming off cruise ships and those people were looking for female impersonators and not what I do. It was horrible to look out at them and see that they were clearly confused and wondering when I was going to do Barbra, Bette or Liza.

CD: Speaking of shows! I am very excited to see you in Peaches Christ’s upcoming show ‘The Witches of East Bay’ here at the Castro Theatre! How did you get involved in the show? Is it your first time doing a show with Peaches?

CP: It is the first time I am working with Peaches and I basically told her after seeing one of her shows that if she ever wanted to work with me to just let me know and I’d be there. She said that she had always wanted to work with me but was afraid to ask so I’m happy that I imposed myself on her!

CD: Growing up in the East Bay I wasn’t exposed to any drag queens. I was pretty sheltered as a kid. I remember one of the first ‘gay’ movies I ever saw was ‘Trick’, when I was 15 and that’s when I first was introduced to Coco Peru and really had my first exposure to the drag world. How does it feel to have been in these iconic films like ‘Trick’ and ‘To Wong Foo’ back in the 90’s when there wasn’t a lot of gay culture represented in the mainstream media?

CP: It feels great! When I was young and I saw my first gay movie, My Beautiful Laundrette, and I remember how powerful it was to me to see a gay characters in a gay themed film. I remember hoping and dreaming that one day I would be in a gay movie that would help others with their own process of coming into themselves, so when I hear stories from younger guys who tell me how important Trick was for them I realize that my dream came true.

CD: I love watching all your videos on YouTube and Facebook, you seem to be popping up in the media everywhere lately!  With the entertainment industry being so unpredictable to what do you attribute your long standing success?

CP: I studied theatre in college and I understand that one must be disciplined and have a craft if they are going to have any kind of longevity. You have to be fully invested, passionate and committed. I also think a lot of it has been luck! Also, I get along with people and always make the work what is most important. So often in this industry people create too much drama and, in the end, no one wants to work with them. My studies in theatre back in college taught me that and I’m grateful for that experience. I also give credit to my parents who could never tolerate bullshitters and blowhards and insisted that I respect others and that, no matter the job, I try to do my best. My mom still says that to me today when my fears kick in, “Just do your best!”

CD: Is there any advice you would give to any of the younger queens or comediennes out there who are just getting started or might be thinking about getting into entertaining?

CP: Be kind. Don’t drink too much. Respect the people you are working with and show up on time. Don’t get into show biz for the sake of being famous. Develop a craft that makes you stand out and shine!

CD: Other than your upcoming show at the Castro Theatre do you have any other projects we can look forward too in the near future?

CP: I’m writing a new show now and I am hoping that Girls Will Be Girls 2 will finally be released just so I don’t have to answer any more questions about when it’s going to be released.

CD: Thank you so much Coco for taking the time out to chat with me! I’m such a big fan and can’t wait to see you here in SF later in the month!

CP: Me too! Thank you!

Be sure to catch Coco at The Castro Theatre on Saturday, March 21st at 3PM and 8PM for ‘The Witches of East Bay’ starring Coco, Chad Michaels and Peaches Christ! And keep up to date on all your Coco news on her website here

Illustration by Chad Sell. Photography by Amanda Rebholz.





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