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Hey Antitwink readers! I’m new here, and it looks like I’ll be partially responsible for representing the city of San Francisco. My particular experience and perspective of this city are rather fresh, in that I moved here within the last year from Los Angeles. So in this case, I’ll try and detail some of my experiences as not a veteran inhabitant of this city, but as her dirty new lover, who is on break from his original love and having a wild affair with the sexy young thing that is San Francisco.

One of my more recent discoveries as of 2015 was something I had to come in on a season late, and that’s only because the bar I work at on Sunday evenings screens it. I am, of course, talking about Looking, HBO’s gay answer to Girls. I had heard about Looking when it first came out but didn’t quite jump on it the way many others had, because as the first season went on I heard from more and more people about how they didn’t care for it. So I never hopped on board. That is, until now.

As a lover of film and television, discussing the recent goings on in current pop culture (especially as it pertains to the LGBT community) with friends and fellow appreciators is one of my favorite pastimes. In L.A., it was easy to be up on my movies because all it took was about fifteen minutes to get to the nearest theater on a free afternoon with a friend. And at least half of your friends in L.A. splurge on cable, so TV could be easy to come by, too.

In San Francisco, just leaving the house takes an exceptional amount of planning, so movies and TV take a backseat to everything, unless they’re streaming on Netflix. So I groaned a bit when I was told the bar would bring Looking back for Sunday night viewings, knowing this would mean a longer and later shift. However, when the season 2 opener began, with that drive the three main fellas took to Guerneville for a weekend away from the city, I was hooked pretty much immediately.

The style was very specific, the conversation flowed freely between the characters, there was no music to lead the audience’s emotions and reactions, the entire party scene, from the moment they dosed before entering (“I feel like it’s 1994 all over again!”) to Patrick’s confession to his friends of his reignited affair with his sexy boss, Kevin, was absolute gold, and I decided this was fantastic television.

Still, amid my delight, I heard bar goers complain to each other, “This is a trainwreck!…right?” Gays have a need to remain steadfast about their negative opinions on things, but I have a feeling minds will change over time on this season.

The next day, I posted a little video about my experience in the bar to my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Comments seemed to suggest that even haters of the first season agreed with me that this first episode was a sign of major improvement.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to watch this show in a bar in the city where it takes place, come to the Midnight Sun every Sunday. Come early enough to get a drink with a friend, and then pay attention once showtime begins at 10pm. Then talk about it with me, because I will listen to your praises as well as your gripes.

P.S. I understand a lot of people’s complaints about the show have to do with the fact that its representation of gay life in San Francisco is rather sterile and boring. They complain that the characters are vanilla, and not so likable. My response is to accept and forgive that the writers are writing these very specific characters, so yeah, maybe you’ve seen a hundred uncut cocks and can douche in the blink of an eye, but Patrick has not. And that’s okay.

That said, I ask you to feel free to comment below if you think it’s even worth going back and watching season 1. I kind of like the idea of having my experience be from Season 2 onward. But if you think the past complaints are easy to ignore, then I will definitely give Season 1 a shot.



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Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Aram Kirakosian No Comments

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