Peaches & Heklina’s High School Reunion – A Review!

This past Saturday night at the historic Castro Theatre, Peaches Christ put on her latest drag movie parody and this time around, with the help of fellow comedy queen Heklina, they presented movie goers with a hilarious presentation of Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion to a sold out crowd! It isn’t uncommon for Peaches’ shows to sell out the 1,400+ seat theatre. Often times when a Ru Paul’s Drag Race queen is performing she even tends to add a 3PM show to supply demand. It’s refreshing to see however, that even without a “headliner”, fans  still flock in droves to support Peaches and the other local queens in the productions and in my opinion it adds a sense of community to the shows and the entire vibe of the experience when it’s a lot more locals who have friends and family in the shows and not just a bunch of folks who paid $30 to take an Instagram photo with a girl from Drag Race.



As mentioned the show featured a lot of local talent with a few special guests including Princess Kennedy from Salt Lake City and Jen Taher as Heather Troll Girl all the way from NYC. Peaches mother made an appearance in the show as well as the waitress in the hilarious ‘Business Woman’s Special’ scene. AND even the screenwriter and the films title designer were there in the crowd! The ladies heard about the show and couldn’t miss it! Peaches brought them up on stage at the end of the show to thunderous applause.



The show featured multiple dance numbers. The A-List performed with an ensemble to the Cyndi Lauper hit ‘She Bop!’ after poking fun at Peaches & Heklina for dancing with one another at the prom. A very pregnant D’arcy Drollinger as Christy Masters did a hilarious routine to ‘Burnin’ Up’ by Jessie J that was cut with dance remix of Belinda Carlisle’s hit “Heaven is A Place on Earth’ once she struck out with Sandy, followed by Peaches & Heklina with the help of Manny Caneri (Sandy Frank) performing the now infamous ‘Time After Time’ dance. The show was unfortunately riddled with microphone issues throughout. Peaches noted that it was new equipment and often times the performers had to use hand mics, which is very understandably frustrating for the performers, but those hiccups are what we out in the audience live for. Every time Peaches broke character to make a quip about the sound the crowd would go wild.



As usual my friends and I had a blast at the show and I very much look forward to whatever Peaches cooks up next. I spoke with her a few weeks ago and told me in secret that she has something in the works with someone VERY special that I can’t wait to hear more about. So keep your eyes peeled and check out her updates often! Below is a little video I took of the ‘Time After Time’ bit! Thanks for reading folks!



Full Cast and Credits:

written & directed by Peaches Christ

Heklina… Herself
Peaches Christ… Herself
D’arcy Drollinger… D’arcy Masters
Jen Taher… Heather Troll Girl
Manuel Caneri… Sandy Frink
Martiny… Martiny Luder
Princess Kennedy… Herself
Jordan L’Moore… Herself
Lady Bear… Tobey
Dulce DeLeche… Ramone
Gianni Michael Lyle… Billy Christianson
Clammy Faye… Dark Cowboy
Mrs. Christ… Waitress

With Fellow CHORUS Classmates:
Sue Casa
Ginorma Desmond
Veruca Bathsalts
Beatrice L. Thomas
Michael Turner
Petrice Gaskin
Gia Maica

… and Wig Brush High dance collective SEXITUDE!!!


All photos by: Gareth Gooch Photography




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Posted on: November 26th, 2014 by Joey Heal No Comments

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