Peaches Christ presents Hocus Pocus with Special guests Jinkx Monsoon & Ben DeLa Creme! A Review

(Cover photo courtesy of Amanda Rebholz)

This last Saturday Peaches Christ and her scary band of drag queens and dancers held the world premiere of her latest production Hocus Pocus! On deck to round out the cast were Jinkx Monsoon as Sarah and Ben DeLa Creme as Mary. Peaches was Winifred, naturally. There has never been a more perfectly cast production by Peaches in my opinion and the two sold out shows served as proof.

Peaches knows how to put on a great show, I’ve never had a bad time at one of her screenings, but there was something different about Hocus Pocus. Maybe it’s the time of year? Maybe it was the dynamic between the three queens, whose performances blended together fluidly and effortlessly. Maybe it’s because Hocus Pocus has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. I even used to have a black cat named Binx. But I knew after leaving the theatre that night that this was hands down my favorite show Peaches has ever done. Sorry Showgirls!

This was the first time that Ben has been a part of a Peaches Christ production. PC mentioned at the show that she and the other girls had been in talks to do this show for over a year now and knew the two Seattle queens were perfect for the part. Ben had the crooked mouth and facial expressions on lock and Jinkx’s voice as Sarah was hauntingly beautiful. I had a tear in my eye as she sang the hypnotic lullaby ‘Come Little Children’, my favorite scene in the film version.

In addition to ‘Come Little Children’ the ladies also performed the movies featured musical number ‘ I Put A Spell on You’ joined by a huge cast of dancers dressed in various costumes with choreographed dance moves. Also added to the pre show was a fabulous rendition of ‘Sweet Dreams’ originated by the Eurythmics performed by Jinkx and ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles performed by the entire cast. But the number that REALLY stole the show was Ben’s solo number to Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’. A few scenes before her big number Ben’s wig was noticeably loose on her head. Many times she had to try and fix or hold it up and you could tell going in she was nervous it would fall off during her song (She even commented at the beginning of her number ‘I’m going to have to hold my wig on for this whole number!’). Right before her big choreographed dance number Jinkx, ever the quick thinker, snuck up behind Ben and held her wig in place, on her head, for the entire dance. The crowd absolutely LOST it! Such class and showmanship for such a silly show. Ben got a huge standing ovation and it was hands down one of the top 3 performances at a Peaches show I have ever seen!

There were a couple of hiccups with the mics and cues during the show, but honestly those moments are what make the shows amazing. Doing a live show in such a huge theatre with casts of 10-20 performers is no easy task. But Peaches continues to wow crowds with her sold out shows and huge spectacles. I am already looking forward to seeing this show again next year!


Check out these awesome photos from the show and some behind the scenes shots!

Hocus Pocus Polaroids by Mark Christopher

More photographs by Amanda Rebholz


Ben’s ‘Dark Horse’ number!





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