Hello San Francisco. We’re in you for good now.

HI All of you lovely San Francisco peeps, we’ve finally completed the bones of the site and have some events booked where we  come to your city and try to bone as many of you as we can throw some parties, spin some sets, and just generally run amok in your great city.  Check it out and BY ALL MEANS- if you want to add a location, a party, add some info to a location, or blog about the local goings on in San Francisco please EMAIL US HERE.  We would like this site to be as organic to SF as possible so any and all local involvement is appreciated.  We like to focus on the alternative events, the underground things and the artistically weird stuff.  Of Course, cruisey, sexy events will always be featured here as well. Let us know what’s up.  We read every email. As of now, one of our DJs, Kevin Graves is spinning a couple pride parties this weekend, so you should definitely check it out, and our editor is coming in for Dore Alley weekend spinning for the Pretty in Ink party at powerhouse (and some more sets are confirming over the next couple weeks. This weekend:


pop porn

Dore Alley Weekend:

Dore alley inked



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